ISA SERVER 2004 with SP2 Firewall Policies

Question, is there a way in ISA 2004 to block say any URL or domain with a specific word.  We have many users that like looking at tattoo sites, is there a way to deny access to any site that has the word tattoo in its name?
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use web content filtering.
Add the url in the list and put a deny access onto it..

Here are the links that you could look at:


You can use ISA with native functionality to allow/block user access to web sites via a list (;en-us;300492) which is probably not news to you.

What you're looking for is web content filtering.  Here's a PC mag article on web content filtering and accompanying product review (,4149,1538777,00.asp). These solutions can cost between $10-$20K to purchase (not counting implemenation cost).

If, however, money IS an object, take a look at an open source solution, Dan's Guardian (

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