Convert SQL 2K DTS to SQL 2005 SSIS

How do i convert this script for it to be compatible with SSIS.

Function Main()

      dim pkg
      dim cus
      dim strCmdLine
      set pkg = DTSGlobalVariables.Parent

      set cus = pkg.Tasks("DTSTask_DTSCreateProcessTask_1").Customtask
      'Build the commandline string      
      strCmdLine = "D:\Inetpub\wwwroot\files\output\Archive\Reset.BAT " & DTSGlobalVariables("Account_Number").Value & ".mdb " & DTSGlobalVariables("Account_Number").Value & ".zip"

      'Assign it to the ProcessCommandline property
      cus.ProcessCommandLine = strCmdLine

      'Clean up
      set pkg = nothing

      Main = DTSTaskExecResult_Success

End Function
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karthikramAuthor Commented:
I am using this script as part of a Task . Account number is given as an input.

Error when i try to run the project
Started:  5:00:35 PM
Error: 2006-04-05 17:00:39.89
   Code: 0xC0048006
   Source: Set Command Lines ActiveX Script Task
   Description: Retrieving the file name for a component failed with error code
End Error

Check out this URL.
It deals with migrating DTS to SSIS and particularly with the error you are getting
karthikramAuthor Commented:
yes that was usefull but how do i convert the DTSGlodblaVariables ?

Quote " For example, ActiveX script references via the DTSGlobalVariables Parent property are no longer valid. Since Dynamic Property Tasks refer to the absent parts of the old object model, these too will require attention"

I just need the equivalents in SSIS
From what I can tell... you have to rewrite them :(
I've Googled for you but all I can find is this:


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