ODBC Setup Problem

I am trying to install an ODBC Driver supplied by my vendor.  I have installed it on other machines and it works fine.  However, on one particular machine, I can not see the "Driver" when I choose to set up a DSN.  The driver also does not show up under the ODBC "Drivers" Tab.  My vendor has had me check all registry entries, and they are all correct.  The name of the driver is "Relativity Client" and under


there is an entry for "Relativity Client" and it shows "Installed"

The driver listed before it in the registry is "Microsoft Visual Fox Pro" AND it shows up as a Driver.
The driver listed after it in the registry is "SQL Server" and it shows up as an available Driver.

However, the "Relativity Client" simply doesn't show up as an option.  I've checked permissions,
uninstalled, reinstalled, rebooted, you name it.  It simply doesn't work on this machine.

I am running Windows XP Pro with all updates.

Where should I go from here?
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Is there a possibility you are logging into that one PC differently than the others; specifically, you don't have Administrator rights to install it fully and properly?
andersen58Author Commented:
Well, I've tried it as Administrator and as my normal user account (which is in the group Administrators).  I thought of that too, at first, but figured surely I couldn't write that much of the install to the regsitry if I didn't have admin rights?
andersen58Author Commented:
Well, still not working.  I've reinstalled MDAC 2.8 and my machines shows to be running "MDAC 2.8 SP1 ON WINDOWS XP SP2" using Component Checker from MS.  I uninstlled the driver in question (Relativity ODBC Driver) and after a re-install of the driver using a Setup.exe that works on OTHER machines - it still does not show up as an available driver on this machine...

I guess it just ain't gonna happen...  Question Closed.
andersen58Author Commented:

Well, it looks like FileMaker 7 installs a wierd registry entry that causing any ODBC drivers installed AFTER the FM7 was installed to not show up.  I found <a href="http://forums.mysql.com/read.php?37,40541,46753">this post</a> and followed it's suggestion.  My ODBC drivers now appears as an installed driver.

For future searches:

ODBC Driver not showing up in list, ODBC driver unavailable to install
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