Offline files sync specific selection


I have My Documents folder pointing to a share folder and also is offline So, each time I logoff and logon the files make a sync.

Everything works good but now I want to chose what folders to sync and what folders not sync, is it possible to do folders selection ?

Any ideas ?

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look at: "Making files or folders unavailable offline"
Hi gzarate,

you can only specify a folder not a file as far as i have seen

What you need to do is remove the offline availability of the My Documents folder.  Then you will need to select which folders within My Documents you want to have offline - right click the folder and select "Make available offline".  I believe that will work.  When you select a folder for offline everything in it's subfolders become available also and I beleive you can't remove the option from any of those subfolders or files.  It's been a bit since I did offline files.
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