Software Install, and recomendation?

So, now I enter the world of Linux (finally)

I've found a distro that works right with my computer (Fedora Core 5).

Problem is, I am a complete linux noob (other than I knew enough to install it and startx to get me into graphical mode)

I need some software recommendations.  I would like to use this machine as my dev box, and need some kind of graphics software (I've seen Gimp around, any thoughts?)  I also need some kind of web dev software similar to Dreamweaver in that I can connect to a FTP server and edit my pages as I need to, etc...any thoughts or recommendations?

I am also going to need my hand held while installing said software.  As I said before, I am just about as new to Linux as it gets.
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Hello, and welcome to Linux

Fedora is one of my favorite Linux Distros, manly because of a program called Yum. Yum is an automatic updater and package installer/remover for rpm systems. So, if you wanted to install a program called Firefox, the only thing you would have to do is go to the command prompt and type “yum install firefox” and the program will do the rest.

There is also a nice website called Fedora Core 5 is not up on the site yet but you can get an idea on how to do some of the more common things by looking at the Fedora Core 4 section. They should have the Fedora Core 5 section up on a few weeks.

Now the software, I am not that much into graphics but as far as I know Gimp is the best graphics software that runs natively on Linux. I’m also not much into coding but there is a program called Bluefish that looks nice.

If you are trying to find new programs to try in Linux you can go to a site called They have a database of a lot of Linux programs.

There is also a really nice website called They have an active forum, a nice Linux Wiki that can answer some common questions, and a HCL (Hardware Compatibility List) to see if anybody else has had any luck getting the hardware you have to it to work. (a link on how to use Yum)

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you can also check on this one
For the beginning you have to examine what's installed already on your FC5 Linux box and what else is available for download.
To do that just type :
yum  info  >   /home/ kevp75/app_list    ( assuming your username is  kevp75 ; and if not substitute it with real user name )

This command will create the list of installed ( fairly large TXT file - approximately 3 megabytes) as well of available applications from
Fedora Core 5 repostitories. To enlarge the list of repositories  and widen the number of choices for applications, apckages sources etc. you might wish to add some other repositories with nonfree and proprietary software. Good place to start adding other repositories is  Stanton Finley WEB site proven to be reliable and well tested source of informations and isntructions on Fedora "how - to.." :

 As for me GIMP  2.210 which comes with FC5 is really good GNU graphics and imaging and manipulation program ( hence G-I-M-P) now in its 10th year of development very popular and very powerfull application. Other programs can be found here:
Great commercial graphic manipulation software for Linux is Pixel ( )

For basic WYSIWIG html programing you can use Mozilla Composer and DOM inspector. Blufish is good choice ( as mentioned before) and probably most popular  WEB authoring program (not only ) for Linux is NVU ( available for download here: )
With somewhat limited features you can create WEB pages with OpenOffice 2 Writer wordprocessor too.

good luck

If you're familiar with Photoshop and are looking at gimp I'd recommend trying gimpshop (, basically it's an edited version of the gimp so that the menu layouts etc are more like photoshop.

kevp75Author Commented:
thank you folks for your input.  Looks like I have alot of reading to do  :)

I like that GIMP, i've used a version of it for windows.  I also like that BluFish, seems like it is what I am looking for
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