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ASP Installation Problem

BogoJoker asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-05
Hello, I'll start with the Error Message I am receiving,
Whenever I try to view a local asp file I get this error message:

Active Server Pages error 'ASP 0201'
Invalid Default Script Language
The default script language specified for this application is invalid.

I have followed the following guide for installation: http://www.w3schools.com/asp/asp_install.asp
How to install IIS and run ASP on Windows XP Professional
   1. Insert the Windows XP Professional CD-Rom into your CD-Rom Drive
   2. From your Start Button, go to Settings, and Control Panel
   3. In the Control Panel window select Add/Remove Programs
   4. In the Add/Remove window select Add/Remove Windows Components
   5. In the Wizard window check Internet Information Services, click OK
   6. An Inetpub folder will be created on your harddrive
   7. Open the Inetpub folder, and find a folder named wwwroot
   8. Create a new folder, like "MyWeb", under wwwroot.
   9. Use a text editor to write some ASP code, save the file as "test1.asp" in the "MyWeb" folder
  10. Make sure your Web server is running - its status can be checked by going into the Control Panel, then Administrative Tools, and double-click the "IIS Manager" icon
  11. Open your browser and type in "http://localhost/MyWeb/test1.asp", to view your first ASP page

I am going crazy, I have spent over 8 hours messing around with settings, removing and reinstalling the IIS and there has been no improvement whatsoever.  I have not found any help on the internet either, every tutorial is about the same and no solutions have been available for my problem.  This seems to be the #1 unsolved problem on ASP across many forums and I am willing to work with you to solve it once and for all.

Joe P
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I was have not looked into it but if ASP.NET is different/easier to setup I would like to know if I should try that instead of ASP.

this is usually a problem with the first couple of lines in a page
sometimes they don't declare the correct scripting language.

Most of the time it'll look similar to this  <%@LANGUAGE="VBSCRIPT" CODEPAGE="1252"%>

if it is on the page you are trying to view.  best bet is to get rid of it


I can't even view the ASP pages that were installed directly on my harddrive in /wwwroot/ when I installed IIS.

They start with:
<%@ Language = "VBScript" %>
Even with this line removed, no change.

My goal is just to get this page to work:
response.write("Hello World!")

Does it matter that I am just on a Windows XP Pro laptop?
Does it matter that I have installed EasyPHP (an Apache/PHP/MySQL combo)? <-- this works fine, just I cant run it while the IIS server is enabled (because IIS will be on port 80)

Joe P


I followed this link in desperation:

Checking the registry here:

I have no regestry keys, just Default.  Should I try manually adding some keys?
Is that dangerous?

Joe P

you can try that.  It is a bit dangerous if you do something wrong.  Best bet before you do it is to do a complete backup of your registry.

I'm actually quite suprised they aren't there already.  Those get installed with IIS.  I'm wondering if removing/reinstalling IIS corrupted your registry.

Your code should work, whether or not that line is in the page.  The server should automatically determine the scripting language to be used, but without those keys IIS doesn't know how to process the page

honeslty, I've never heard of EasyPHP, and running IIS on your laptop won't be a downfall either.  Though you will be limited to 10 concurrent connections


If you were to check your registry are all those keys there?
I tryed adding just the only important looking one, DefaultScriptLanguage VBScript, that did nothing.

Joe P



    \Script Map

Has just default in it as well.  I am nervous about manipulating the registry too much. =(
Joe P

not under CurrentControlSet, I have them under ControlSet01

not sure.  Got me stumped.  Best thing I can think of is somewhere along the lines of uninstalling/reinstalling IIS something got messed up somewhere.

as a last resort.  Try a clean install of Windows XP and when you get to the option of installing IIS, do it then.

give the question a little while though, see if any more 'Experts' out there has any ideas before doing a clean install


It has never worked for me at all, that is why I have unistalled it and reinstalled it.
Many people are getting the same problem.

Do you know of something I can download just so that I can try to develop some ASP websites?  If so that would be a valid workaround for me and I would give you the points.

Joe P
You could try Baby Web Server.  I believe it is free.  http://www.pablosoftwaresolutions.com/html/baby_web_server.html

never worked.  Looks like I may see if I can get XP on my laptop tonight see if I can reproduce.  For now try out that Baby Web Server.  If I can come up with a solution for you to use IIS, I will.

Sorry I couldn't be more help

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No problem, you have helped me plenty so far.
I just don't understand why this is such a large problem for something that should just be built in...
I'll check out that Baby Web Server now, thanks.

Joe P


simple, simple, ASP code is working.  Nothing intermediate seems to be working but I really like how simple it was to setup =)
I'll stick around see if there is a solution to the IIS or see what I can come up with on this BabyServer.

Joe P

cool.  I just helped out a guy who was using it, maybe you 2 can chat about it.  I'll ask him if it's ok to give you his ID


Wow sure, would you rather email me so his id doesnt get misused?
<email removed by AnnieMod>

Joe P

ah man.  I was only going to send you a link to his profile (if it was ok with him, of course), and let you guys work out the contact thing.

You shouldn't have posted your email here.
I would recommend you ask if you can get that post editted to get your email address out of it.  you can ask here:http://www.experts-exchange.com/Community_Support/askQuestion.jsp  (works the same as asking any question on this site)

i'd try to get things sorted with you, but I use IIS on windows 2000 server (though I did actually pay for the Quick N Easy Web Server from them...worked great for me while I was using it, but went back to IIS because I got a new machine)


Any luck? =(
Another person said it might be a problem with Windows Security Updates...
I don't want to invest too much time into this issue, I'm doing alright with PHP, just thought it would be nice to expand my horizons and I was looking at Perl which seems to be similar to this...

The Baby Web Server you suggested says that it only has limited ASP support, and for full support (and many more features) you should purchase the professional server.  It looks very good but I'm not sure I should put any money out at the moment.  If nothing changes, I'll accept your answer within a day.

Thank You,
Joe P

ahh.  He hasn't gotten back to me yet, I hear ya bout expanding the horizons.  I've been meaning to start learning some PHP, but I figured I would start at the ground level, like I did with th MS monopoly (i'm sorry was that outloud?  :) )

I just got Linux up and running on one of my machines, with Apache, PHP, and mySQL.  I figured I'd go this toute in learning it all at once, but it is very time consuming I'm finding  :)

I've used mySQL with ASP applications before so that's not much of an issue, and I've use Apache before, linux and PHP have me in a bind tho, at it's just finding time to do it  :)

Ahh well...someday  :)

Hopefully he'll have an answer for me soon, and I can get you 2 together on this Baby Web Server thing.  The quick n easy webserver sets up just like Baby Web Server  (just an exe file to run)  but, I didn't get to play around too much with it.  I'll end up putting in one of my laptops so I can test stuff and work on the road.



Sure thing, if you get in contact thats great.
If you need ANY help with php I can help you out.  You said you already have a setup working so you have the "tough" part done =) the rest is cake.

Thanks for everything, I will worry about ASP another time, for now I can play around with the Baby Web Server, it is very nice so far.

Joe P
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