Maxtor Hard Drive Out Of Warranty DiamondMax Plus 9. Won't power up? Paperweight or fixable?

Ok as the topic says I have a Maxtor hard drive that is pining for the fjords I mean deader then that joke.

This drive is formatted NTFS and was using to store all my MP3's in my music server.

When I apply power to the drive the heads do not move at all and there is no sound comming from the drive.

Naturally it's not worth sending away for data recovery, but if there are some simple things I could try to do to get it to come alive once more to copy the music off I'd be very pleased.
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couple of things:

1.  First make sure your grounded to discharge static. And that the power connector has +5vdc and +12vdc.
2.  On the bottom of the drive is a pc board - gently push around the board, the contacts make contact by pressure and sometimes need cleaning.  You can remove the board and reinstall it also.
3.  Take the drive and spin it in your hand (give it a quick jerk in a counter clock wise direction with the label facing you)  the theory here is to get the spindle to spin.
4.  Last resort - put it in the freezer overnight - be ready to move data off - try powering it up if it works get your data off asap.
Dushan De SilvaTechnology ArchitectCommented:
There is a very slight chance that by replacing the pcb board on the HD you can get it to run again. For this to have a chance of working, you will need the exact same HD with the same revision number.

If replacing the board doesn't work, your only chance is a recovery agency. The following might not be as expensive as you have expected:
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if you're interested in replacing the logic board, look here for how to do it :      
you can verify the status with another power supply
MannyLNJAuthor Commented:
It's not worth me paying to send out to get my video and music collection back. I'll just start ripping from my cd's again.
If I had a second drive of the same model I'd try the logic board swap but I don't
you have to shop for it . . .
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