Assinging a default DNS record so URL's entered without the 'www' still get to the website


I am wanting to modify my DNS records for our domain so that if a person enters '', omitting the 'www', that they still get to our web site as if they had entered ''

Can anyone assist with describing the record that needs to be added to my zone file.

Thanks in advance

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this all depend on the DNS server
Enter a blank A record with the same IP as the www CNAME record

(blank) IN A (IP)

See example below

             IN     A

server1      IN     A
server2      IN     A
dns1         IN     A
dns2         IN     A

ftp          IN     CNAME   server1
mail         IN     CNAME   server1
mail2        IN     CNAME   server2
www          IN     CNAME   server2

johnkanAuthor Commented:
Hi Bennoo

Unfortunately I don't get access to the file itself, only a web administration console in my browser.

I can't add an A record with a blank, I need to use '@' for default, '*' for wildcard, or something else.

Not sure if this helps but they call the columns in the A records

sub-domain - destination id - TTL

and in the CNAME

sub-name - fully qualified domain name - TTL


Enter an @ for the A record.
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johnkanAuthor Commented:
OK, there is already a record with the values @, ip

What should I enter for the CNAME based on these settings ?

ping the domain name without the www
and it should resolve to the @ records IP
change the @ records IP to update

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johnkanAuthor Commented:
Oh, OK.

Ive just updated the @ records IP to the IP resolved when I use www.domain name

I'm still getting the old IP address though.

So I guess once the zone transfers have completed this should work as expected.

Can you confirm that I don't need to add a CNAME record then.


I think this is up to the browser.  In internet exploder, you go into Tools - internet options - advanced - click the checkbox "show friendly URLs" and in Mozilla, Edit Preferences, Navigator, Smart Browsing, check the bottom two, automatically complete and automatically add (same choices are in Firefox under Tools, Options).  This is the best you can do in the browser.

You should be aware, this feature is enabled from your SITE, not the browser.  In the administration of your site, you have the choice to make any http:// address automatically translate to the www. prefix.  If you dont know how to do this, call your ISP and ask them to walk you through it -- it is fairly simple !!!
Sam PanwarSr. Server AdministratorCommented:
Hi ,

I am working in a hosting company and  cname is working like a domain aliases so ithin this is your need you can use the A record for it  and  record @ is used for the mail so its also not nedd you have need A record of www and if you want to use the Mail then A record of Mail.
If you want to enter the wild entries like if someone use your domain with and without www record then you have to enter * for it . If you use * record then you are able to use any prefix of your domain its open like its open.

For Example:               IN     A      <ip>
*                                IN     A      <ipaddress of your domain>
www                           IN     A     <ip server>

for Mail

@                              IN       A         <ip >
mail                           IN       A         <ip>
@                              IN       MX

The records take a few hours to update.
Just be patient
Sam PanwarSr. Server AdministratorCommented:

After any changes the DNS entries its take 2-4 propagate time so after fully propagate you should able see the record

If you want to know its before the propagation use the following site. 

Here enter the your under the dns lookup section
for www a record enter
domain name  select A and press enter
for NS enter without www and select NS then enter
you can also see the all record but enter only domain name without www or any prefix
In the dns console,

Add an @ record...
that will do...

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