Can you guys tell me what an event is and how events and GUI are related. I think that an event is something that happens when a link or button is clicked in a portlet. A portlet's events are specified in the provider .xml file. Am I hitting the right target?
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GUI programming is always event-based. When you write DOS application (or Console application), it always starts from beginning of function main end ends in the end of this function. All program actions are described by your code.
GUI program starts, initializes window and waits for events. Events are different user actions: button click, mouse move, keyboard input. Program handles every event in appropriate event handler (like OnMouseMove, OnKeyDown, OnButton etc.) and returns to wait state until new event is detected.
Different GUI frameworks (like MFC, .NET, Java etc.) supply GUI program logic. Program written using such framework is usually set of event handlers for different user actions, when framework manages program state and calls event handlers.
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