Cannot log onto Domain - domain is down or user account not found

we have an XP laptop user that gets the following error when logging onto our 2003 server domain. : WINDOWS CANNOT CONNECT TO THE DOMAIN EITHER BEACUASE THE DOMAIN IS DOWN OR BECAUSE YOUR COMPUTER ACCOUNT WAS NOT FOUND

The user can get on if he logs on in cached mode with the network unplugged and then re-connects his network cable.  All files and email are then avalable.

The user also lost all his offline files yesterday when out of the office, we use GPO to re direct 'My Documents' to a private drive which we make available off-line.

I am not sure if this is a computer account error or a user account error so I have not removed from the domain yet.

Any assistance will be much appeciated.

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Hi osistovold,

no dns changes on the local machine recently? make sure that the DNS settings are pointing to the DC

no event logs on the DC?

osistovoldAuthor Commented:
Hi Ja Jay,

No changes to DNS, DC at first site is setup to use it's server as 1st and branch office as 2nd DNS.  Branch office is setup to use it's server as 1st but does not hae a second DNS.

Event logs at both sites the same (user was at Branch Office earlier in week)

Netlogon errors:

The session setup from th ecomputer xxxxxx failed to authenticate. The following error occured : ACCESS IS DENIED

The session setup from computer xxxxxx failed because the security database does not contain a trust account xxxxxx$ referenced by the specified computer.

Let me know if you need the rest of the msg.

I have looked on both servers and cannot locate his machine, and the netlogon errors say about two machine names the correct one and then one with an $ sign on the end of it.

Not sure if this could be a trust issue between the dc's?


hey Mate

i think it would be worth running the network ID wiazrd to join this machine back to the domain and see if you can reestablish the account

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osistovoldAuthor Commented:
User is overseas for next 4 days, I will try and rejoin to domain on Monday, I will let you know how things turn out.

no worries mate
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