Restart Server hangs

I have a server (NetWare 6 SP5, Dell PowerEdge SC1420) that doesn't cooperate when I issue a "restart server" command.  It's my GroupWise server, MTA, POA, GWIA, WA.  The server experienced a critical error recently after reloading GW Web Access.  When I attempted to Restart Server, the response was:
Module JAVA.NLM unloaded
Down server? y
Module NLSTRAP.NLM unloaded
Processor 1 is offline.
GWINTER: Initiating termination sequence...

The server hangs at this point, until I power it off and back on.  This is inconvenient as the server is in a branch office.  Can anyone assist me in fixing this?  thank you
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I always find it's best to shut down each system prior to issuing the "restart server" command.

The problem, as I see it, is that loading GWWA threw a critical error, and you didn't clean up after it before trying the "restart server."

Are you running your GroupWise stuff in a separate memory space?  It makes it easier to kill half-dead processes if you use that nifty feature - all you have to do is kill the memory space.  In theory.

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facutvivoAuthor Commented:
I agree, DOWN would be great but the server is 100 miles away.   Sugg on how to prevent the WA critical error, and how to "clean up after it" once it occurs?  Am I running in separate memory space... not to my knowledge; how to do so?
facutvivoAuthor Commented:
oh, I see what you mean about shut down each system, such as mta, poa, duh, no coffee yet this am.  good expert suggestion, which I will remember to do.  
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Essentially, you want to use the PROTECT parameter on your LOAD statement, and name the address space for what you're loading in it.

Stuff loaded into protected memory space often share processes, so sometimes you have to add other load statements to an NCF to make it work.
If you find out what is hanging the server,you can create a shutdown.ncf to unload the offending module.
I had an issue with an Adaptec I2O driver that would hang the server on restart or shutdown.
I created a shutdown.ncf that unloaded the offending module and let the server shutdown gracefully.
Yeah, those I2O cards... grrr...
What version of GroupWise are you running? A friend of mine is running GW 7 and for some reason his server crashes everytime GWIA tries to unload. (He's anxiously awaiting SP1.) I'm on 7 and haven't had that issue, but I normally use a "reset server" command, not sure what the different between reset and restart would be though.
IIRC, I believe "reset" also does a hardware reboot, while "restart" just takes it back to the DOS environment and reloads SERVER.EXE (which would be why "restart server" doesn't work if you remove DOS.)
facutvivoAuthor Commented:
hmmm, we're on GW7, also awaiting SP1 especially on client; and same problem it's when unloading GWIA, so I will try the reset server command next time and see if that yields a clean reboot.
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