best ISP for mission critical day trading operation in San Francisco

Hi Everyone,

Hoping someone will have an opinion on this one...

I live in San Francisco and run a small day trading operation. My internet connection is absolutely critical. If it goes down, I am in big trouble... could quickly lose tens of thousands of dollars (or more).

I am wondering if someone can recommend the best internet provider that I can rely on for my trading business.

I have been using XO Communications for the last couple of years. It is kind of expensive, about $150 per month.

I don't require huge bandwidth, am pretty much just a normal internet user, don't need symmetrical bandwidth or anything like that, what I need is complete reliability. And hopefully a good deal.

Anyone have any recommendations?

Thanks a lot!
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My recommendation would be to get a Linksys RV042/RT042 router which lets you connect to two ISP's at the same time and get another ISP link to a different company.  If you loose one connection, you will have the other one as a backup and not be disonnected.  If one is a DSL, have the other one be cable so you diversity in the wiring coming into your business.  You should be able to get two lines for less than the cost of your current cost.

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As already said... your best option is to have multiple ISPs. Even though major companies will do their best to keep their connections up and going, if you MUST have your connection for as long as possible, keep at least 2 connections from 2 different companies.

sly already explained the part on the scenario of you having DSL or cable. Just make your second connection the other. Also... make sure to keep a list of publcly accessible DNS servers around just in case something happens with DNS lookups on both ISP. That will at least keep you going. and are two such DNS servers you could always keep with you.
$150 is kind of expensive?  You could lose tens of thousands of dollars and $150 is kind of expensive?  What would you consider a decent price?
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