Backing up and restoring a full windows sbs server

I am currently using veritas backup exec sbs to backup windows 2000 sbs and windows 2003 sbs on several sites.

If a server crashes what is the best way to restore it fully.  Recently a server crashed and I had to rebuild the server and restore the data the problem was I also had to dis-join all the pc's from the domain and re-join them again as the sid was different.  I have looked into veritas disaster recovery but most of the time the image doesnt' fit on a cd making it difficult to restore as well as having to ensure the dr file is going through ok each day also a server with the same hardware is not always avaliable

Is there a simple method for backing up/restoring full system image.  Symantec live state utility seems good but I would have to run it along side veritas so this would not work cost wise for a small business environment
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Artysystem administratorCommented:
You wish to restore SIDs and all data while doing full restore, right?

Just follow Veritas recommendations and don't join new mini-OS into domain, read here:

"Also, when installing the parallel install of NT, join a workgroup and not a domain. This allows to recover your original security information descriptor (SID) through Backup Exec, so re-establishing trust relationships with all domains will not be required. If recovering from an entire hard disk failure, use Windows NT setup to partition and format the new disk during installation. Format the partitions with the same file system as before the failure."
Make sure you select the shadow copy components when making the backups. These contain all the active dir components and user accounts etc. These should also be restored first to have AD running again.
Exactly the problem (i.e. one problem) I see with Backup Exec.  Acronis true image claims to be better, just boot from CD, and restore entire drive from remote network drive, but Im not sure it is any easier, and means more money.  This is why a ghost image of an entire drive duplicated to another is faily foolproof (only SID needs to be refreshed), but it is a nuisance to shut down the server to ghost it all the time.  None of the image programs seem to realize, the only easy way is a HDD clone, not an image.
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Sid_FAuthor Commented:
Sorry, failed to mentions its veritas version 10, the o.s is 2000/2003 sbs not windows nt
Sid_FAuthor Commented:
Scratchboy, What do you mean by only needs SID to be refreshed, do you mean a new SID?
WEll for backing up a server, Ghost enterprise is a great product.  Downside -- have to take server offline.  Upside, get 100% perfect clone of everything on drive.  The only problem is when you insert new HDD, sometimes you have to change the SID before server boots properly and assumes correct task, like domain controller.  Symantec lists utility to do this.  Also Ghost is now supposed to be integrating with Symantec live state recovery, to eliminate need to take server offline.  If Symantec can just get ghost to make a flawless bootable hard drive clone of a server, off to some remote network drive, and that drive sits until you need it, then they do the trick.  But have no done it yet, I think they are still trying.  

ANyway, that is a bit off topic, I dont know of an easier way to restore an entire server from tape other than what you went through, always hassles.  Thats why nopius first answer is worth looking at, if it works, it sounds easier than what you suffered.  Also rindis comment is crucial, must get the open files by shadow copy or "snapshot", if you not get these, you only get data backup, not full server functions.  Since both those comments important, make sure they get points when you close question.  Best luck.

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Artysystem administratorCommented:
Sid_F, it doesn't matter do you have NT, 2000 or 2003, the procedure of full bare metal restore is the same.

1) Install minimalistic OS with same verstion and same service pack to directory different from C:\WINDOWS
2) While installing name machine as a 'dead' one was named. DON't include machine to any domain, just to workgroup.
3) Install Veritas agent
4) Perform full restore of your OS including registry restore.

SID's will be restored with registry. Just follow full restore procedure (you can find it on Veritas site), it's the same for most backup software.
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