Norton and Trend Micro in Win98

Hi All,

60% PCs in our Office is Win98 and current we are using Norton corporate version 9.0. The version 10.0 do not support win98.

My question is Norton Corporate version 9.0 still stable for us to use it? Our Norton server installed version 9.0 also, we can not upgrade it to Version 10 (latest version) is because version 10.0 do not support win98.

Do we need to change to trend Micro latest verson which can support win98.

Please advice.
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From a corporate point of view, you will be perfectly OK with Norton's version 9.

It is fully supported by Symantec and will be for some years to come.

In a corporate environment it will be a pain moving to a new product and the costs will be totally unjustifiable.

Hi tut404,

Trend micro is a much better AV and if it is feasible to move to it then i would, i am not a fan of any norton product and would avoid them where possible, they are just no longer up to standard

Walter PadrónCommented:
As Jay_Jay said TrendMicro is a better product, we have the full suite (firewall/office/exchange) running smoothly. They provide enough tools to help you make the transition.
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Hello there,

Not an answer, just an opinion.. I totally agree with JayJay and wpadron, Trendmicro is much better then Norton Antivirus.. To be honest with you, almost every AV program is better than Norton.. It's like a vius itself.. ;) Trendmicro is absolutely the best wy to go or business purposes...
glad im not alone on this - Trend Destroys Norton any day of the week

however, from a business point of view i can understand where blue zee is coming from also - its a mass project to convert to an entirely new AV - rolled it ou across over 500 sites and it was massive, but well worth it

Can't understand the "C"...

Care to explain tut404?

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