RedHat Screen Resolution - how to set screen resoution to match the 1024x768 Notebook Display

I can't get a RedHat WS4 installation to set at 1024x768.   The GUI offers 640x or 800x, but not 1024x.  I have manually edited the etc\X11\xorg.conf file to exactly the same values as another installation that I have running on VMware on top of windowsXP.   The file excerpt below is from Redhat on VMWare and all three resolutions show in the GUI and can be selected from the GUI.  Why don't these same values work on the RedHat installation installed directly on the Notebook?  


Section "Screen"
      Identifier "Screen0"
      Device     "Videocard0"
      Monitor    "Monitor0"
      DefaultDepth     24
      SubSection "Display"
            Viewport   0 0
            Depth     16
            Modes    "800x600" "640x480"
      SubSection "Display"
            Viewport   0 0
            Depth     24
            Modes    "1024x768" "800x600" "640x480"
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You need to setup the correct driver for your grafic card. There are tools you can try to configure your display. Try:


vmware uses it's own display driver, so that is probably the reason it doesn't work if you just use the same settings.
swbruce21Author Commented:
The Intel Integrated Video 82852-82855 GM/GME drivers are inlcluded in the RH distribution and referenced in the RH GUI as Intel 852 or Intel 855.    I also downloaded and installed a the drivers from Intel for 82852-82855 GM/GME  but it did not change anything.  Before and after I reinstalled the the drivers from Intel they were listed in the Display Config GUI as "Intel 852" and the readme file that came with drivers also referred to them as "Intel 852", so I think the right drivers on installed.

Also I did get this to work at 1024x768 with the same RH Distribution and Same notebook about 6 months ago.   I later removed RH it to run it on VMWare instead but there are performance issues with VMWare with a core application that I need to run on Linux.

6 months ago I  believe that I was able to get the 1024x option, just by adding the 1024 mode to the xorg.conf  file.

Have you edited the correct file? I'm not sure if your version of redhat uses xorg or xfree as x server?

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swbruce21Author Commented:
Problem Solved:

The Specific Notebook 'monitor' needed to be specified before the 1024 resolution would be shown as an option
thanks anyway.
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