Unable to print html messages in outlook 2003

When I go to file - print no dialogue box come up at all

Plain text messages it work ok and some html emails it works as well

I can copy and past to word and it works or I can log onto another comptuer and it works.

I need to have it working with this computer though

The only difference I can see is that the other computer has word 2003 while this one has 2000.  I dont see why this would make a difference
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jimcrintAuthor Commented:
I amnot able to get that far

I goto file - print then I get nothing at all
edit>edit message.
format>plain text.

try that. good luck

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jimcrintAuthor Commented:
Yes I can print them but the formtting is screwed

Any ideas as to what is causing the problem in the first place
jimcrintAuthor Commented:
I tried updating the word but this did not help

I then tried to print from IE and same problem.  I checked the version and this was blank along with cipher strength and product ID.  This is a problem I have seen a lot but the only way i know to fix it is to repair the windows installation which works OK

I was unable to ghost the hard drive and on further exploration there were 4 bad sectors at the start of the drive (luckily the MBR was OK) and there where corrupt files in the windows directory and one other directory consisiting of multiple special characters, blanks and very long name

Eventually used casper to ghost and did a repair which was sucesfull and all problems have gone

Thank you for your prompt help and work around
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