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My ISP is having a problem and I cannot connect with winxp.  It gives a error 718.  This has been going on for a few days.  Win Macintosh and LINUX it works fine.  Also my friends aren't having problems with their routers with my isp.  My ISP says it's because macintosh and routers have a large timeout capacity or they wait for servers to respond longer.  However, with winxp it only waits for 20 seconds.  Does Any one know how to make xp wait for more than 20 seconds before it decides that the connection is no good.  Once I connect with macintosh the speed of the line is fine.  I just need to get winxp to wait for say, 120 seconds instead of 20 seconds.
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hm, make sure your Username and password are correct to start with... other than that, there is not much you can do
Check and see what protocols are installed for this connection.
TCP/IP should be the only necessary protocol for dialup internet connection
If IPX/SPX is installed then uncheck it and that should help. If the connection is
maintained then you should be able to uninstall that protocol in this connection.

craigmysterAuthor Commented:
What I am looking for is a registry work around for error 718.  Something like the ntt rasman PPPMAX key, but for xp.  Anyone know about this?
in your dialup connection properties or the modem properties dialog, isnt there a option called "ppp timeout retry"?

also read these 2:

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craigmysterAuthor Commented:
I am going to accept the above answer.  Unfortunetally my isp has fixed the auth problem so I cannot actually try it.  However, the microsoft support article he/she found was layed out ver well.  I am sure that I could use this information to do what I need to do.  
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