After Domain-Rename 2003 implecations on ISA 2004

Hi Guys,
Just what to know are there any implecations on ISA 2004 running on Win 2003.
After Renaming the Win 2003 Domain??

Any Extra Configuration changes need to be done on ISA 2004 after Win 2003 Domain Rename????

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My first thought was to save your firewall config first, then uninstall ISA, change the server into the new domain, then reinstall isa and load the config.  Just to be sure =)

I know for sure your going to have to go to configuration->networks->Internal, properties->Domains Tab enter the new domain name (ex *.newdomain.local)

Under Firewall Policies, toolbox, check your domain name sets for your old domain name...may not have anything...
Thanks, Glad we could help =)
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