Frustrated with Notes

Can anyone out there help me on overcoming my dilemma on Lotus Notes. I have a very simple scrolling javascript text that I want to put it as my signature on the bottom of mail. I has tried to use the "Insert Signature" tab where I have choose the HTML radio button & link it to the HTML file that I has created b4. When I tried to open the new mail, I saw "blank" memo without my desire signature. Please help me, cause I was forced to use this shit & it seem that Notes is not friendly to either javascript or java applet. I can simply creating eye catching things in IE or Firefox by not in Notes. Don't ask me about "enabling" javas thing in notes. All are in order, but still this shit make me headache. For ur info , I'm not a programmer & on the client side.

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=windows-1252">
<title>New Page 1</title>

<script language="JavaScript">

var max=0;
function textlist()
max=textlist.arguments.length; for (i=0; i<max; i++) this[i]=textlist.arguments[i];
tl=new textlist
"Hello Universe"
var x=0; pos=0;
var l=tl[0].length;
function textticker()
} else
<script LANGUAGE="JavaScript">
document.write("<FORM NAME=\"tickform\">");
document.write("<INPUT TYPE=\"TEXT\" NAME=\"tickfield\" SIZE=\"40\">"); s ändern

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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
We all understand your frustration. It may get even worse: you cannot send HTML mails from Notes. But, as usual, there are some ways around that. However, you need to be a programmer to accomplish what you want.

Here's a link that might help you:
    http:Q_20432381.html "Using LotusScript to send HTML email"

Does this in any way relate to your previous question?
    http:Q_21496408.html "How to make java applet embeded in javascript working in notes?"

lelongkiaAuthor Commented:
Hi sjef_bosman
Nice 2 hear fr u.

I know how to write simple program & even can write small program in assembly language.  I steadily have a little knowledge on  reusing & modified javascript code without any problems. I'm frustrated because nowdays most apps is compatible with the usage of HTML, DHTML, XML, Javascript & other craps but it seem's that Lotus is heading to isolate itself to twilight zone by trying 2 make thing harder 2 understand. I did refer 2 my IT eksperts in my worksplace, and they claim we are using Lotus because it was powerful 2 compare 2 microsoft Outlook at that time (few years back). But they even told me that nowdays the Outlook is manage to catch up what Lotus can do, and in just a short period it can overide it. As 4 me, I always look information is best viewed as interactive rather than static things. Yes it did related to my previous question but it cannot works actually. What I need now is to learn LotusScript step by step which I hardly can undestand with limited resources, but provided their "script" can perform at least a simple animation 4 my signature. Even now I have design many interactive thing by using SVG format that can be use in other browser, but it seem's Notes developer is reluctant to go on this "new wave" technology. I can't imagine how Notes/EE will look like with flurish of beautiful graphic & animation but yet small in size. Here is my motto:

*If we do it first we are the leader, if we do it later then we are the follower.
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
My motto is different: Do it better

The problem with Notes is that it is only 80% perfect: the e-mail is 80%, the database is 80%, applications are usually only 80%. What Notes makes a winner for many companies is that the cohesion between all the applications is also 80%! If you look at Outlook, it may seem to be a perfect  mail program (let's forget the viruses) so we put it at 95% perfect. The same goes for Access and many other application. IMHO the cohesion between them all is no more than 5%. How to define exactly the word cohesion isn't easy, but for me it is security, reliability, manageability, orthogonality, etc. The overall cost of use of Notes mail in combination with other Notes applications is less than the costs for lots of different MS applications. Managers seem to find this very important...

Bottom line: if you use Notes only for mail, then your choice might have been guided by the built-in security of Notes that Outlook lacks. If you didn't need the security, you may have made the wrong choice.

By the way, the LotusScript language is easy if you know VB or VBA. What you would have to learn are the Notes objects you need to interface with the Domino server and Notes client.

So, I'm really sorry to tell you that there is no easy way to include HTML in a Notes mail.
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lelongkiaAuthor Commented:
Thank sjef_bosman, u have given me second thought & did reduce my anger. But still I have the passion on accomplishing my desire on having some "text animated" signature on notes. Can u guide me on on best resouces on LotusScript coding & Notes object? Or maybe u have an idea/solution on how to solve my dilemma base on the above javascript code.
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Follow Partha's link...
lelongkiaAuthor Commented:
No animated text capabilities & I can just use the default signature tab in notes for doing that kind of signature.
lelongkiaAuthor Commented:
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Don't understand...

Alan's example is a pure Notes-client thing. No HTML involved. If you look in the HTML of that page, you'll see that those moving things are just animated gifs. They are not generated by Notes or Domino in any way.

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