Multiple ips in One nic


How do i configure 2 ip's in 1 nic . I want to use the ips the simultaneously. LIke in windows i can configure a secondary ip. I have googled and found ways to add additional ip's but in a different location. This way I cant use both ip's simultaneously. Please help.

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You can setup multiple IPs on one NIC as follows (assuming a fairly recent Mac OS X):

1. Go into the Network System Preferences pane

2. Choose Network Port Configurations from the Show popup menu

3. Click on the New... button, then choose Built-in Ethernet from the Port popup menu

4. Give the new interface a name, then click OK

5. Configure it like any other interface

That's it!

Hope that's of use


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Check this article on OSXfaq (Contributed by Tracy Snell):

How do I setup multiple IP addresses?

Multiple IPs work. Let's say your current IP address is, and you want to add a second address of Try a command such as this:
sudo ifconfig en0 inet netmask broadcast alias
(That's all one line)
You need to do: ifconfig -a (or something similiar) first to determine what your Ethernet device is. Hers is en0.
Be VERY careful if doing this remotely. A typo can result in your box not being on the net anymore.

If you want the second IP to be added automatically every time you reboot, edit /etc/iftab, and add the above line almost verbatim to iftab. For instance, her /etc/iftab now reads like this:

      lo0 inet netmask up
      en0 inet netmask up
      en0 inet netmask broadcast alias
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