How to move user's data and settings from one profile to another profile?


Can anyone please help me on this?

The user's were already in a domain. And a new domain has been introduced.
We are not migrating existing users into new domain. We creating new accounts and rejoining the user's computers into new domain.
Now how do we move user's data and all settings like favorites, desktop, email settings etc under new profile from old profile?
Users has Windows server 2003 and Windows XP operating systems.

Thanks in advance.

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NJComputerNetworksConnect With a Mentor Commented:
They need access to the domain profile...They should have the permitted to use.

Right click My Computer --> choose Properties

Click the User Profiles button highlight the user and choose COPY TO.  On the permitted use, browse and select the user from the domain.  Retry having the user login.

The overall process is this...

1) User is in a domain or workgroup and they have thier profile setup like they like it.
2) The computer account is joined to a new domain
3) The user of the domain must logon to the workstation once.
4) The adminstrator must logon to the workstation so that the profile can be copied.
5) While logged in as administrator,

Click the User Profiles button highlight the user profile (usually the biggest profile ..) and choose COPY TO.  Copy this to the location of the user.domain profile on the local machine.  On the permitted use, browse and select the user from the domain.  

6) login as user of the domian ... they should have the profile now.

kind of like this:
Yes you can use the connect computer wizard.

Log on to the new domain on the computer you want to transfer.

Open a browser window and type //"nameofyourserver"/connectcomputer

This handy wizrd lets you choose which user profile you want to bring over to the domain from the local account.

of course connectcomputer only works if your running Windows 2003 SBS...
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