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Regarding 2003 server, when you take an operations master offline, are the roles meant to transfer to another DC automatically?.

When the current master is offline, the other DC's display 'Error' within dsa.mmc operations master field, I would rather not seize/transfer the roles, as the DC will come back online, is this behaviour normal, or should another DC automatically take on the roles?

Thanks for any help
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That's correct, the roles are never transferred automatically, only by dcpromo or moving them manually. You will get errors if the role holder is offline, but they are not fatal, at least not right away, there are just some things you won't be able to do until the relevant role is online. For example, if you start creating lots of users and group without a RID Master online, after the DC that is online exhausts its pool of RIDs, it will not be able to assign more SIDs to objects until it's granted a new pool from the RID Master. If you plan to take an FSMO role holder down for extended periods of time, move the roles elsewhere manually before doing that. seizing the roles should only be done when the server will not be brought back online.

Here's some quick info about the different roles and what they affect:
Hi premierpc,

a DC will never trasfer the roles automatically unless you run DCPRMOMO and you demote the Box, even then it has its faults.... if you are going to take a DC offline transfer the roles even if it is only temporary

premierpcAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the answer, points given

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