Reciepent Update Service Exchange 2003

We are running an exchange 2003 server on 2003 std, that cannot be a DC due to software restrictions, when the a DC/GC goes offline the recipient update service fails, reporting "unable to connact a global catalogue, all in use", this causes exchangeSA to fail etc, within a few minutes outlook clients hang.

I see through the exchange mmc I can manually change the server to another DC that is online, can the exchange server be setup to hunt for another DC/GC automatically?

Thanks for any assistance.
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How many total DC/GC you have in your network?
Go to Exchange System MAnager - Exchange server properties - Directory Access - and see, if you have it "Automatic" or you have manually specified your DCs and GCs.
If you have it automatic, Exchange will automatically search for all DCs and GCs available in the network and in case, 1 goes down, it will shift to another one.
But, if you have only 1 DC/GC and other is only DC.. i would suggest you to promote other one also to GC.

Amit Aggarwal.
Exchange Server does it automatically. If you check the properties of the server - DSACCESS tab, it will show you DC?GC and Config DC (Healthiest One - Which is picked randomly by exchange server)

Even if you have more than one GC/DC, Exchange will not automatically fail over to use the other one. It will be at least 30 minutes before Exchange goes looking for another GC to use. Exchange will use the first global catalog server to respond - it is not random, although it can appear that way.

Therefore you should have at least two dc/gcs available to Exchange where possible, and if the one that it is using is going offline for any length of time, you should restart the Exchange services so that it hooks on to another one.


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premierpcAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all the responses

running about 6 DC and single GC in a single site... currently set to look automatically, I'll add additonal GC and be aware to transfer the roles if when needed, restarting exchange services.  Makes perfect sense, after playing with a test environment.

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