How to create an OS image on a hidden partition

Hi you all

I would like to create a hidden partition on a HDD that contains the  OS image of the computer. So, when the computer need to be re-imaged I just need to reboot the computer  press a hot-key that call this hidden partition and start the process that:
1. delete de partition that contains the OS in question
2. create a new partition
3. format that new partition
4. start the proces of putting the image of that computer on the new partition
5. reboot the computer and have the computer back again in working conditions with the OS (  like windows or linux or os2, what ever the computer had  before) and  of course keeping my hidden partition also, in case I need to re-image the computer again.

Is there a software that do this task?
do I need to have any high programming skills?
Well in fact the question will be, Is this is possible to do by myself?

Thanks before hand for any advice
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I would recommend using a Live CD Linux Distro such as knoppix. It is free and would allow you to boot to cd and use partimage which is a free linux package that will allow you to save partitions into an image file. If you create a Linux partition to save the image to,it will not be visible from Windows. I would recommend adding a second drive to store the image so it can be used for backup if your primary drive fails. I would also format the Drive using the resierfs (Reiser File System).

Let me know if you would like more info on this approach.

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gabesoSolution ArchitectCommented:
Jorge-123Author Commented:
Hi guys
Thanks for your answers.
Vinnyd79, Yes I would like to know more  information on your approach.
Gabeso, I went to and I found out that the software works but you have to have a place to storage the image, which is logic to have. But in this case a will need another computer to keep all these images.

Now , my condition is this: I have about 200 computers wth XP or W2k and some Linux. Here there is the policy that after and employe is removed the computer have to be reformated and reloaded again. If the employe is transfered to other place his/her computer stays and they will received a computer on the new place that they will  be, Now in this case both computer are reloaded.

So, I was thinking if there are somehow a way ( perhaps ) to have one HDD with two partitions one with the image and the other with the functional OS and when I need to redo the computer I just need to access the first partion and give the order, by means of a hot-key or othre method, to damp  the image back into the second partition.

Now I am thinking this because one time, long long ago, I received a new computer that when I started it the computer presented a manu from which you can choose a win95 or NT4 and after the selection was made that thing flew ( I did not touch the setup of the computer at all ) and installed the new OS software ( in that case was win98 ) and the other OS i never find it. That occation was something nice but no body knew how the hard drive was loaded or with what kind of software and besides that there were to much to do to pay attention to that.

But Now other coworker  and me ( just two ) are delaing with a lot computers that besides the normal load of work now we have to redo computers and I will say that this hast to be done often,( Amaizing how many people go in and out or transfer in a company.)

But going back to my initial question, I am just trying to be fast and profient and still have time to finish the other
little-many jobs that we have.

Somebody told me tha I was day-dreaming, nice right, but was that person right? I do not think so, but what you think
can I really have it done as I wanted it?

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