Can I choose a different sender account in OWA, Exchange 2003

Hi there I have a question that i hope that someone can help me with..

I have just installed a exchange server 2003. And i would like to know if it is possible to use OWA if you have more than one domain for each user. And if it is possible for the user to select what account to send from, like in Outlook 2003.. ?

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If you want to do it on demand, such as just loggin into OWA and choosing which account to send from, I think you can't. Then I think you must login as the user you wish to send as.

Now if you use another method, such as using hotmail or gmail or some other web based mail software, you can add the exchange account as a pop account. From there, some of the advanced web based mail retrievers will let you specify the SMTP outgoing mail account on demand
I believe, you can use another user OWA if you use the external mail address.  if you use the internal exchange server name, it will default you to whatever user you are logged into the machine as.  
Eric BDirector of Information TechnologyCommented:
If i understand the question, then yes it is possible. in owa, enter the username, when the popup comes for authentication/password, chose the domain and user (domainname1\username)
This works as I use it everyday cuz I connect from another domain.
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