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Is there any way I can download a list of all ebay categories?


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Is it not easy to go to the main ebay page
and and save it?
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kenabbottAuthor Commented:
I tried the first and couldn't get it to work.

I want to use the listings in a db, thus my need to download them rather than simply view the page
what language are you working in?
I think there is no a standard way to do this. :(
And I'm not sure if there is a better solution than to go to the most detailed category tree page available and after that to do the work manually.
Example start page for manual working:

or probably this one is better - http://dcp-index.ebay.com/
I think there are about 35 general categories. By clicking on each one on the left and copying the content on the right (where the general categories are expaanded in full view) you will be able to do the whole work of saving and formatting an appropriate text file (that you can upload in the database) for about an hour, or two at most depending on your speed. It is not so much work that appears at first glance.
Have you tried writing to ebay and explaining why you would like it?  
Ebay provide this functionality through their developers program (which is free to join - search in ebay help or else link from their home page). It exposes all of the eBay APIs. I think the link is developer.ebay.com (can't check from work unfortunately).

One of the sample programs (available for free in several languages) will download all of the current categories and their associated mappings, trees relationships etc.

This is particularly relevent because, in case you didn't realise it, eBay review, change, add and remove their categories every day (there are thousands of them).

Most developers who integrate with eBay use this API every day to refresh their information too.

I hope this helps!  
kenabbottAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your comments - I found a way of getting the categories via some software called Auction Intelligence.  They have an add on subscription which provides all Category data.
The eBay API sample that Clever Bob was referring to is here:


I've not checked the other languages, but the PHP5 zip file on that page contains code to read the category lists.
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