How to setup ETRN for exchange 2000

Hi there I have just installed an exchange 2000 server, the server is working ok (sending and receiving email).

 I have setup the mx records to point to my router, set port forwarding on the router for SMTP traffic to the exchange box. I have had my isp setup a backup mx record incase the server goes offline.

 They tell me if the server is offline for any time I need to have the exchange server send a ETRN command to de queue the mail from there server ?? could anybody tell me how I would do this ??

Thanks for your help

Mr K
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You have to use an SMTP Connector.
It will need to be a separate SMTP Connector from any other one that you are using.

Configure the connector in the usual way, if you are currently sending email out directly, then configure it to use DNS.
Then select "Advanced" and enable the option "Request ETRN/TURN from a different server". Enter the server that you need to poll in the box. Finally enter the Domains that you are issuing ETRN for by clicking on Domains...

Hi Mr. K,

Start System Manager:

If you do not have routing groups defined:
System Manager
  Administrative Groups

If you do have routing groups defined:
System Manager
   Administrative Groups
      Routing Groups

Right-click an SMTP connector, click Properties, and then click the Advanced tab.

To specify that dequeing requests are sent with the message, select Request ETRN/TURN when sending messages. If you choose this option, you can also request dequeuing at certain times by selecting the Additionally request mail at specified times check box, and then choosing dequeuing times under Connection time.

To request dequeuing from a server other than the one to which the message is sent, select Request ETRN/TURN from different server, and then, under Server, type the server name.

If you have not disabled dequeuing, to request dequeuing at certain times, under Connection Time, select one of the standard values in the drop-down list, or click Customize, and then select the appropriate connection times on the timetable grid.

To specify the ETRN or TURN command for dequeuing, under Specify how to request that remote servers dequeue mail, select Issue ETRN or Issue TURN. To specify the domains for which the ETRN command should be issued, under Issue ETRN, click Domains, and then add the domains.

u can use existing smtp connector if u have setup one and configure it use smart host and ETRN.
look in the following article to understand When to create SMTP connectors in Exchange

see this for How To Configure the SMTP Connector to Link to Internet Domains in Exchange

Good Luck !
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