checkdisk fails and defrag freezes. Any other ways to check a disk?

I have a SATA disk and there are a few files that I cannot access or delete because windows says it cannot find the specified files.  I ran the Error Checking tool with both boxes for Fix file system and check for bad blocks and after a while in phase 4 it responds that windows cannot proceed.  I tried running defrag and after a while it ends up freezing when trying to defrag certain files.  Is there any other way I can flag those blocks as bad and possible recover the data or just delete it so I don't have problems with the disk?
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Can you access safemode and set a chkdsk to run at next boot?
You may have to just let it run until it does finish it.
Another way round is to set the bios to boor from xpcd first boot, then hdo, put your xpcd in choose R for recovery> when it gets to which windows use this cmd prompt and type in chkdsk /r  press enter
let it run unitl finished. no matter what.
once it does finish it may show recovering files etc
 take out the xpcd and type in exit. press enter.
Another option:
you could consider slaving this hdd, just use a cdrom ide/cable and power on another computer in your home or a friends, its not a big thing to carry or to take out your hdd and go to a friends.
Just unpower his machine and unplug the two cables out of his cdrom or dvdrom which ever leave it in there , move the pin on the rear of your hdd to slave and plug it into the ide and power, you can either hang it or sit it on top of the tower.
when this machine boots slowly it should find new hardware, save off your files, how much disk space do you have left?

Another point to note: if you decide to slave first:
If your hdd is no good and you unpowered this machine before connecting your hdd and it wont boot with your hdd in slave, then you do have problems, run a chkdsk onit and it may recover enough to save off your stuff. from recovery as stated above.

tmar89Author Commented:
>>Can you access safemode and set a chkdsk to run at next boot?

How do I make it run at next book?

>>Another way round is to set the bios to boor from xpcd first boot, then hdo, put your xpcd in choose R for recovery> when it gets to which windows use this cmd prompt and type in chkdsk /r  press enter

I've tried this and it froze at 50% over 3 hours and gave no indication that it was running.  How long should I let it run until I give up?

>>you could consider slaving this hdd

It's a Serial ATA Drive.

The problem with saving the files is that some files that I try to access, Windows responds that the file cannot be found.
That drive may be failing . . you can download the manufacturers diagnostics to confirm or rule out. .

If your data is important, you can take the drive out and attach it to a working pc and copy the files first . . the more you use a failing drive, the less your chances are that you can salvage data.

To have chkdsk run at next boot . . right click the drive in My Computer .. select Properties . . Tools . . Click on the Check Now buton and check both boxes  . . restart and chkdsk should run

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tmar89Author Commented:
I don't think the drive is failing.. Here is some more background.  I originally tried to use the SATA drive using the SATA connection on my MB.  I formatted it and wrote some files to the drive.  It was acting very weird and I ended up buying a SATA PCI card.  It has been working perfectly since however the original files I cannot access.  So I don't think the drive is failing.  I just want to remove those files but it says that it cannot find the files.

I'll try checking both boxes in Error Checking and not hitting Start and just reboot.  When I check both boxes and hit start it just runs and doesn't reboot.
tmar89Author Commented:
Well, Windows doesn't tell me to reboot and it will run on next startup when I follow those steps.  

Also, my harddrive is from Maxtor.  I am not aware of any manufacturer's diagnostic tools.
tmar89Author Commented:
Sorry, Maxtor has PowerMax diagnostics software.  I will try that.
And you have XP? ? . . what happens when you click on the start button after checking the two options?

You may have other problems
tmar89Author Commented:
I have XP SP2.  When I check both options and press Start, it begins checking the drive and fails on Phase 4 halfway through.  
not a good sign . . what did PowerMax show?
tmar89  I have a computer here with me now that I am repairing it is using a pci card serial sata, if you look on the pci card it has  ide1 and ide 2.. all you do is unplug the ide cable to the faulty hdd then take out  the hdd and slave it to the cd rom drive using its ide cable, set the pin on the rear to slave, because it is not going to be using windows for the time being it does not matter if it is sata or or raid, once you remove it from the ide 1 or 2 and slave it it is just another hd.
Have you had any rebuidling drive or drive status critcal
This from another forum but has some great help.

Have you tried to run a SMART disk tool to see if your hard drive is ok (free utility here: After you set SpeedFan up, open it's interface and go to the SMART tab and select your hard disk from the dropdown menu at the top. The screen will tell you if you've got a problem or not.
click onto START and then onto RUN and type in Chkdsk c: /f to run chkdsk and fix any system errors
cmd prompt:. chkntfs C:
How To Install and Troubleshoot Serial ATA (SATA) Hard Drives

tmar89Author Commented:
Ran Maxtor's PowerMax diagnostic tool.  Turns out the drive is indeed failing.  
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