z-index issue with showDialog()

speak newbie to me.
I have an application that has a wizard which is a dialog not a form, apparently this was done in order for it to freeze the application while the wizard is running. Now the thing is the wizard has 2 buttons, one brings up a showDialog using an openFileDialog and the other and Directory dialog - the directory one is opening up behind my wizard, and the other in front - what's up with that?
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which did you call first?
blue-genieAuthor Commented:
doesn't matter which one i call first.
they're on button events. the directory one always pops to the back.
why do you have 2 dialogs open?
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blue-genieAuthor Commented:
i dont' have 2 dialogs open. the user gets to pick to select a folder or a file, if they pick a file they click the file button, that opens the file dialog box which is fine, if they click the folder one, that one opens up behind the wizard!!!!
When you show OpenFileDialog or Directory dialog, use this as ShowDialog parameter. this points to wizard form.

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blue-genieAuthor Commented:
Now that is just sheer genius!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks this much!!!!
u're the sh*t!!!!
awesome i'm ur new number 1 fan!!!!!!
bg :-)
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