Creating global alias

How do you create permanent aliases for all users in 5.2?

I want these two:

PDC # alias ccllive='cd /...... bla ....../livescripts'
PDC # alias ccltest='cd /...... bla ....../testscripts'

I created the aliases under root, but the users can't run the aliases.
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"alias" is a shell command. If you want a shell command to be excuted by all users when they login, then you can put it in /etc/profile. But settings made by alias are not replicated in child processes. Also, not all users have to use the same shell. So the general answer to your question will be somewhat complicated. You would have to create a .profile for each user which the user cannot change pointing to a similarly protected korn shell profile which sets the aliases. If I have time I will experiment and post back if I find the way.
JohnLucaniaAuthor Commented:
For each user, do you mean this?

PDC # vi .profile
".profile" 9 lines, 254 characters


export PATH

if [ -s "$MAIL" ]           # This is at Shell startup.  In normal
then echo "$MAILMSG"        # operation, the Shell checks
fi                          # periodically.
alias ccllive='cd /...bla.../livescripts'
alias ccltest='cd /...bla.../testscripts'

create another *.rc file in the root directory with execute permissions.
now add this file to be executed in all users .profile file

so whatever you will add in this single *.rc file, that will be effective for all users.

set aliases in /etc/profile

make sure /etc/profile and ~/.profile are not interactive - cron uses them and will hang on asked input.

Have fun.

for csh (not bask/ksh/sh) you have to include file into users .cshrc file, hope you do not have such users.

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