'Remote Insight Board Interface Error'

I keep receiving the following email on my new compaq server running windows 2000 server - can someone elaborate on how to stop/fix this error?:

The system has detected the following event:

SNMP Trap:          9006

Date time:          04/06/2006  02:11:13 AM
Computer:           WPI03
Source:             Server Agents
Type:               Error
Category:           (4)

A 'Remote Insight Board Interface Error' trap signifies that the Compaq Remote Insight Board has detected a controller interface error.

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Yes it is the Lights Out board (remote insight Light out board). This used to be an addon for compaq, now HP servers. Maybe it is builtin on newer systems. In my opinion it should be an addon though, as this is nothing more than an extra PC with NIC, VGA, Keyboard/Mouse connection. This is very usefull to monitor, shutdown and reboot servers, it allows you to view the complete bootup procedure without being on site and then you can troubleshoot the server. If the board is "onboard", this can reduce the possibility for some of the troubleshooting if it also breaks.
This could mean almost anything. First make sure all the interfaces are seated properly, and to verify if this is the remote insight board itself, remove it from the server. Also make sure your CMOS battery is up to date, and the BIOS is current.

sadianAuthor Commented:
'Remote Insight Board Interface Error' seems to imply a problem with our iLO interface which *it seems* is integrated into the motherboard - so I dont think i'll be reseating it unless it is an add-in, which I'll look into.

We're not presently using the iLO and the server is only about 2 months old. I appreciate the insight into the BIOS upgrade and I'll look into that as well to make sure that HP hasn't released an update since we purchased the server.

Can anyone confirm my suspicions that this error refers to the iLO? (yes, if this is in fact an iLO error reported by windows 2000 it is off-topic here, but please humor me :-) ) I'd like to be able to get it replaced while the server is still in warranty, should this be the case.


Getting error as Remote Insight Agent: The Remote Insight Board/Integrated Lights-Out has detected a controller interface error.
Server ILO responds to ping but doesn't open.
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