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Not being very knoweledgable in exchange, I hope this is an easy task.

Normally when I create a new AD account I copy it from an existing account. In the past, this always works fine and I can create a new mailbox for the user with no issue. However, this time around, after creating the AD account I realized that no mailbox has been created for this user. How do I give this user a mailbox after I've already created the account?

This is on a SBS2000 server. I've seen some suggestions about running the Exchange Tasks Wizard on the account, but when I do that, I'm only given two options: Enable Instant Messagin and Remove Exchange Attributes.

How do I give this user a mailbox?
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Right click user in AD - Exchange Tasks - create Mailbox

DVation191Author Commented:
Like I said, Under Exchange Tasks, I only have two options:
Enable Instant Messaging & Remove Exchange Attributes.

"Create Mailbox" is not an option.
DO you have the email related tabs in the properties of the user?   stuff like e-mail address & exchange features?
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DVation191Author Commented:
Yes, I do.

Exchange General - Home server shows as "DOMAIN/first administrative group/EXCHANGE" ... other mailbox enabled users have "EXCHANGE/First Storage Group/Mailbox Store (EXCHANGE)" in this fiels. Also, the alias is not filled out in the current user, unlike other mail enabled users.
Excahnge Advanced - All fields are greyed out
Exchange Features

No "E-Mail Addresses" tab, however
Okay, Go to Exchange Tasks - Remove the attributes.

Restamp it once again.



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You can remote desktop the the exchange server or on the exchange server, open the Active Directory user and Computers...
From there look for the user account and right click an select Exchage should have the option to create mailbox.
Make sure you are doing this on a user account and not a contact or a group. If you still could not create mailbox and you are sure that this user account should not have anything on exchange you can remove the exchange attributes and try to create the mailbox again.
DVation191Author Commented:
"From there look for the user account and right click an select Exchage should have the option to create mailbox"
You're right, I should. But it's not there! I could show you a screenshot if you don't believe me :)
And I'm 110% sure I'm doing this on the user account object and not a group.

I'm hesitant about the "remove exchange attributes" option because microsoft cautions against it both on their website and in the dialog that pops up when you select the option in exchange tasks. I'll try it if there are no other ideas.
We have no other option :)

Remove the exchange attributes and create the mailbox again. Give sometime for replication.

Can you create a new mailbox-enabled user?

Are you trying to do this on a server that doesn't have Exchange System
Manager installed? Are you logged in with sufficient rights to do this?

check to see if that user already have an e-mail address. on exchange tasks,
delete this e-mail address. then you will probably have the option to create
a new mailbox.
DVation191Author Commented:
"Can you create a new mailbox-enabled user?"
Yes, I just tried to copy another account and the mailbox was created just fine.

"Are you trying to do this on a server that doesn't have Exchange System
Manager installed? "
No, I'm doing it right from the server itself.

"Are you logged in with sufficient rights to do this?"
Domain admin rights.

"check to see if that user already have an e-mail address."
She doesn't...she is a new employee.

I'm going to try deleting the exchange attributes.
DVation191Author Commented:
After removing the exchange attributes, I went back to Exchange Tasks and "Create Mailbox" was there. I selected it, and it worked. Thanks guys. Weird problem.
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