VBA Open notepad file and copy it's contents then paste to word


I need to open a text file in notepad, copy it's contents and then paste them into a word document.

I can open the text pad file fine using  Shell "notepad c\:Test.txt" but do not know how I can then copy it's content.  I know that this is strictly outside the capabilities of vba but wondered if anyone has ever done this.  

I have tried using the code below to write the text in as stream, but as it contains various charactor sets eg Kanji and English it screws up the charactors due to the local settings etc, the only way I can get an exact copy in is when I manually open the text file and copy, paste it in.

Dim fso As FileSystemObject
Dim sFilename As String
Dim tsmfile As TextStream
Dim strXML As String
Dim TempFileLoc As String
Dim strXMLComp As String

Dim strXMLCompOne As String
Dim TempFileLocText As String
    TempFileLocText = gobjDASLoc.TempPath("Test.txt")
    sFilename = TempFileLoc    
    Set fso = New FileSystemObject
    Set tsmfile = fso.OpenTextFile(sFilename, ForReading, False)

    If tsmfile Is Nothing Then
        Exit Function
    End If

    strXML = tsmfile.ReadAll

ActiveDocument.Bookmarks.Add("bmk_xxx").Range.Text = strXML
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Hello wobbled,

you could try to use the clipboard object from the forms library [see the comment in the sub]
Sub CopyPaste()
Dim i As Long
Dim strFileName As String
'Because these procedures use the DataObject  variable type
'you must have a reference set in your VBA project to
'the Microsoft Forms 2.0 object library
Dim m_clpData As New DataObject
  strFileName = "c:\test.txt"
  i = FreeFile
  Open strFileName For Input As i
  clpData.SetText Input$(LOF(i), #i)
  Close i
  ' Place the text from the Clipboard into document bookmark
  ActiveDocument.Bookmarks.Add("bmk_xxx").Range.Text = m_clpData.GetText()
End Sub

i didn't test this with the file you have so not sure if it takes all unicode characters with it

hope this helps a bit
wobbledAuthor Commented:
Hi bruintje

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you on this, as usual suddenly other items needed to be done urgently and this got pushed to the back of the que.  Thanks for your reply, I ended up doing this a different way due to changes in how I was getting sent the data (Reading XML into a freefile) , but as you pretty much got it spot on with your reply for what I asked I'll accept this as an excellent answer.


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