My company has rebranded itslef and changed its domain from to

I would like to know is it possible to have emails sent the same mailbox from two different email addresses. My company has gone through a rebranding exercise and I would like mails to go to the same mailbox from X.xom and so currently my email is simon@x.xom and I now also want to recieve emails from into the same mailbox. I also want to ensure that when I reply the reply address will always be

Is this possible with exchange server and SBS 2000?
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Run the wizard to configure e-mail again, it should allow you to do this.  

You CAN do this by updating the recipient policies and then under each user account, changing the default email address.
(Note: It's better to try the wizard first - SBS really prefers you use the wizard for configuration).

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If you're wanting to maintain both domains (or more) I'd use the recipient policies.  Just add the new domain name to the default recipient policy where the other domain names are, select the domain that you want new mail sent to the outside to show up as and press 'Set As Primary'.  Apply the policy immediately when you are done (it will ask you when you close out that window) and it'll accept email for all domains you listed.

Note that I'm just expanding on what leew already mentioned above, if this answers your question please credit him and not me (I don't even know what these silly points are used for?)


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