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Advice on maintaining my network


I got in my mind a scenario figured out which im not able to find anything for.

I was one time at an internet cafe and I noticed that once i checked in my login card the computer started up and was loading a complete new fresh install from the server like a symantec ghost image. So it meant everytime the computer is booted up it starts with a fresh installation from an image

I looked into symantec ghost but it does not seem to contain this kind of feature. I'm wondering how I could accomplish this this would be great for my company.

So what I would like is to create a one time install image and have all the computers load this HD image onto their HD"s everytime they boot up so the user starts with a fresh install...

Any advice???

I cant seem to find any system like this and am kinda figuring what this internet cafe was using was probally something custom made or so...
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I would recommend a product called Deep Freeze...see above link.  It does exactly what your talking about, and keeps users happy by not "corraling" them.  There are other products also such as Fortres.....You can also make the Default User profile if a windows NTFS machine, manditory (change ntuser.dat to .man) that would prevent changes also.

Good Luck,

ro8inmorganAuthor Commented:
Thats it excellent awnser thank you veeery much

exactly what I was looking for... Holiday here i come!!!!

Haha....glad to help...have a good one
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