OWA User cannot log in (Exchange 2003)

I have a remote user attempting to login to OWA on a Exchange 2003 server.  She is working from home and needs access to her e-mail.  I am also outside of the local network.  I can login to OWA with her credentials without problems.  However, when she enters her credentials at the OWA Login page and clicks the "Logon" button, the input boxes clear and the status bar says "done".  She gets no error message.  I believe this to be an IE problem.  However, she is accepting the SSL Certificate, her IE security settings are set to "medium-low", all offline files have been cleared, SSL Slate has been cleared, and the IE is set to refresh the page every visit.  She has closed all browser windows after making the changes and even restarted the machine.  The result is the same, she gets nothing but the login page.  Any suggestions are extremely appreciated.
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If you have tried it from another machine and it works fine, then it has to be the physical machine that the user is on.

If it is Windows 2000 or older, then you could try reinstalling Internet Explorer.
You could also try a new Windows Profile.

Otherwise it is probably a rebuild of the machine. If this is a home machine I bet it is infected with a large quantity of malware which is interfering with the operation of Internet Explorer.
You could prove this my installing firefox and seeing if that works correctly (or not).

If the specific pc is accessing through a firewall or if there is a proxy server involved it may also happen. Since this is from home, the above is less likely but cannot be ruled out.

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