Dual Nic in Small Business 2003 Server

I am installing a small business server 2003. The client wants to have access to OWA from the outside, they are also hosting there email domain SMTP.

Am I better off to install a second nic which connects to the Firewall on a different IP Scheme with gateway address and leave out the gateway on the LAN side. The thought being disabling file access on the Internet NIC.

Thoughts and comments on the best way to configure the SBS server to allow OWA and inbound SMTP would be appreciated.
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Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
Your approach is exactly correct. It is supported by MS as best practice and gives you the best security model. Not sure if you have SBS premium, but if you have, ensure you install and configure the ISA server product.
The gateway being left off from the server's LAN nic is nothing to do with file access; its simply that you cannot have two default gateways (won't work properly and will confuse the hell out of your server) and you will need the Internet-side nic to default to the external router/firewall.

Install the full exchange and IIS product. Last satges will be to ensure that your ISP sets up the necessary MX and A records that point to your external firewall/router IP. Then ensure that the necessary port-forwarding or translation takes place to forward the traffic to the SBS server. Remember that if you are going to use https (secured) access to OWA you will need a certificate.

Job done.
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