Can't send forward mail from another user. Exchange 2000

I have a user called Reception that is used as a genaric email address for my company. also all faxes are delivered to it. the receptionest logs on as herself and the mailbox has just been added to her account. she forwards on everthing to the opropreat user. everthing was fine untill last night. I belive the exchange sp3 rollup auto instaled last night. now she can send mail from reception but cant forward. she can still do everything including change permision but if she atemts to forward a message it says she does not have rights.

as a temporary work around I have enaled send on behalf. but this sends the meassage from "receptionists name on behalf of recetion" instread of the ususal "reception"

As the administrator I can open the reception box on my account and forward messages but I cant find any differences between her acount and mine.

I need help fast!!!

Exchange 2000
windows 2000 advanced server
Scanmail 7

Dell 2850
dual Xeon 2.8
3GB ram
Raid 1 15K 73GB SCIS 320
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There was a change in behaviour that was fixed in the roll up.


"Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server Service Pack 2 introduced a change to the "Full mailbox access" permission so that users who have this permission can send mail as another user even if the "Send as" permission is denied. The "Full mailbox access" permission is only meant to grant Read access permission to the user. This problem was corrected in the March 2003 Exchange 2000 Server post-Service Pack 3 rollup. For more information, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base: "

It has caught me out a couple of times as well.


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GuenthaAuthor Commented:
Sembee your a genius! I looked all over the knowledge base for this info and naver found it.
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