vbsendmail server comes up with strange server character

I've got vbsend mail working on one development server. I have a second sever I'm testing on too. I install vbsend mail and it complies fine and everything looks fine. No e-mail gets sent though. I set a breakpoint in VB and look at the settings and for smtpserver it shows may server name but there is a box character after the name. Kind of like there was a space or an extra character. I check the one it works on an it's just the server name. It's the exact same code and everything. Any ideas? I've tried passing the server name by hard coding it, text box, setting a variable. For some reason it won't let me give it the server name iwth out causeing issues.
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Have you tried :

ServerName = "MyServer"
ServerName = Left$(ServerName,Instr(ServerName,Chr(0)) -1)

or Maybe:

ServerName = "MyServer"
ServerName = Left$(ServerName,Len(ServerName) -1)

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t1clausenAuthor Commented:
That's the thing there isn't an extra character there when I look at the variable

I have
Dim emailserver As String
Set rSendMail = New vbSendMail.clsSendMail
emailserver = "mailserver"
rSendMail.SMTPHost = emailserver  When I mouse over is see {mailserver# = mailserver} where the # is the square I'm talking about.
t1clausenAuthor Commented:
I fixed that by using rSendMail.SMTPHostValidation = VALIDATE_NONE but I'm not getting any e-mails still. I'm so stumpped. Could I be missing a reference or something?
t1clausenAuthor Commented:
Ok I loaded up the sample script that came with the dll and I get this now

Connection is aborted due to timeout or other failure
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