Send E-Mail without useing a service that has to store those e-mail addresses

I am currently using MS Exchange to send e-mails automaticly in a VB app, The draw back is that I have to add every address to exchange so that i can send the mail. I am looking for a way to send mail without haveing to store the e-mail address in a location other than my database.

Thanks for your help,
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What method are you using to send the e-mail?
Éric MoreauSenior .Net ConsultantCommented:
Hi icserve,

try this component:       

icserveAuthor Commented:
Public Function SendSMTP(SMTP_Server$, MailFrom$, From$, Addresses$, Subject$, Body$, Attachment$, Messages$) As Boolean
    On Error Resume Next
    SMTPMessages = ""
    ChDrive App.Path
    ChDir App.Path
    SetPrintFunc FnPtr(AddressOf PrintBlat)
    If Err Then
        MsgBox "Can't load BLAT.DLL"
        Exit Function
    End If
    Dim argv As StringArray
    argv.STRINGS(0) = "blat.dll"
    argv.STRINGS(1) = "-"
    argv.STRINGS(2) = "-server"
    argv.STRINGS(3) = SMTP_Server
    argv.STRINGS(4) = "-mailfrom"
    argv.STRINGS(5) = MailFrom
    If Len(Addresses) Then
        argv.STRINGS(6) = "-To"
        argv.STRINGS(7) = Addresses
        Messages = "No recipients."
        Exit Function
    End If
    argv.STRINGS(8) = "-s"
    argv.STRINGS(9) = Subject
    argv.STRINGS(10) = "-body"
    argv.STRINGS(11) = Body
    argv.STRINGS(12) = "-from"
    argv.STRINGS(13) = From
    argv.STRINGS(14) = "-mime" ' "-html" '"-enriched" '"-mime"
    argv.STRINGS(15) = "-binary"
    argv.STRINGS(16) = "-attach"
    argv.STRINGS(17) = Attachment
    Dim ret&
    ret = Blat(18, argv)
    If ret Or Err Then
        Messages = SMTPMessages + vbCrLf + "Sending e-mail via SMTP (BLAT.DLL) failed: " + CStr(ret)
        Exit Function
    End If
    SendSMTP = True
    Messages = SMTPMessages
End Function
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It looks like the above is calling the Blat function to send the mail. Why can't you just read the records from your database and pass them to the SendSMTP function?
David LeeCommented:
Hi icserve,

> I have to add every address to exchange so that i can send the mail
Are you talking about the address of the sender or of the intended recipient?  If the latter, then I don't follow why.  I send messages to addresses that aren't in Exchange all the time via VB.

you can achieve this with CDO (Collaboration Data object)

have a look here

But here's a pretty basic sample of code

'use CDO to send emails silently....**N.B-will not go to users sentItems**
Public Function bSendEmail(ByVal sEmail As String, ByVal sSubject As String, ByVal sBody As String, _
            Optional ByVal sPathFileName As String, Optional sFrom As String) As Boolean
Dim objMessage As New CDO.Message
    Dim iConf As CDO.Configuration

On Error GoTo Err_bSendEmail
    With objMessage    
        Set iConf = objMessage.Configuration
        'Set the fields of the configuration object to send using SMTP via port 25.
        With iConf.Fields
            .Item("") = cdoSendUsingPort
            .Item("") = mySTMPServer
            .Item("") = 25 'mail port
            .Item("") = cdoAnonymous
        End With
        .To = sEmail
        .From = sFrom
        .Subject = sSubject
        .TextBody = sBody
    End With
    bSendEmail = True

    If Err.Number <> 0 Then
         MsgBox Err.Description, , Err.Source
         bSendEmail = False
    End If
    Set objMessage = Nothing
    Set objFSO = Nothing
End Function

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