Passing Data from search form back to main form

I have a Windows  app that has 2 forms: Main and search.  The form "main" is using a tab control with 7 active tabs.  An instance of the form "Search" can be created from many points.  The search pulls data from a customer table into a grid.  User then selects the one row and populates controls in 2-3 tabs on mainform, and closes leaving the main form as only one open.  My questions:

How can I populate the controls on the mainform from the search form?

What envent back on the mainform is a good one to do anything from that will fire when the search form closes?

Can you give me an example of what to do?
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Bob LearnedCommented:
What .NET version are you using?

garyinmiami2003Author Commented:
Bob LearnedCommented:
To detect a form closing/closed, monitor the Closing or the Closed event.  In 2005 these events were changed to FormClosing and FormClosed (so you see why I ask about version).

When you open the search form, do you set owner:


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garyinmiami2003Author Commented:
Dim frm As New Form2

You don't need to close the search form from your main form , you can either close it after your user is done with it (he clicks a close button) or you close it yourself after you copied your data.

When you need it, just call mySearchForm.Show

Provide your searchForm with a delegate pointing at a datafill method in your mainform

So in your searchForm

Public Delegate Sub dlSetMyFields(Field1 as string, Field2 as string, Field3 as string)
private _dlSetMyFields as dlSetMyFields

Modify your searchform constructor

Public sub New (SetFields as dlSetMyFields)
_dlSetMyFields = Setfields
end sub

Now when you are done and click your close button e.g.

just _dlSetMyFields(txtField1.Text, txtField2.text, txtField3.Text)

where txtfield1 is e.g. a textfield in your searchForm.

this will call a function in your main form actually

Now in your mainForm create your searchForm

private _frmSearch as new frmSearch(AddressOf SetMyFields)

Now create a method SetMyFields in your mainform:

Private Sub SetMyFields(txtField1.Text, txtField2.text, txtField3.Text)

implement it, and you are a happy person (or not ) :D


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Bob LearnedCommented:
Do this in Form2 to get a reference to the owner form:

   Dim mainForm As frmMain = CType(Me.Owner, frmMain)

garyinmiami2003Author Commented:
I am already a happy person.  Looks like I may have a follow up.  I'm doing something wrong in implementation.  Many thanks to you(you both) for your help
You're welcome .. but what's your implementation problem?
garyinmiami2003Author Commented:
Let me fiddle with it a little, Learn what I can...Maybe it will clear up for me.  If not I'll add a comment
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