Use trigger to validate against a view

I would like to find out if the a part exists when it is entered.  I have a table called Snum and a View called validpart. When an insert is done on the PartNumber field in the Snum table I want it to see if that part exists in the validpart view.  If it does great- if not then error rollback etc...  It's my understand that you cannot create relationship with a view so my only options are either a trigger or constraint.
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you can do it in a trigger
but you'd be probably be better off if you did the validation more up front on wether the part was valid...

create trg_ins_snum on table snum
for Insert


if not exists (select partno from validpart as v inner join inserted as i on v.partno = i.partno)
    rollback transaction
dloebigAuthor Commented:
Any idea why it keeps yelling at me about the syntax around "Error"?

CREATE TRIGGER [ValidPart] ON [dbo].[SerialNumber]

if not exists (select PartNumber from ValidProduct as v inner join inserted as i on v.PartNumber = i.PartNumber)
    rollback transaction
    raiserror (Error)


yes because you need to properly configure the raiserror arguments...

RAISERROR ( { msg_id | msg_str | @local_variable }
    { ,severity ,state }
    [ ,argument [ ,...n ] ] )
    [ WITH option [ ,...n ] ]


RAISERROR (N'This is message %s %d.', -- Message text.
           10, -- Severity,
           1, -- State,
           N'number', -- First argument.
           5); -- Second argument.


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