Does backup account on a W2KPro box need a password?


I have a situation where there are 6 XP Pro machines on a workgroup. Everyone logs on as administrator with no password. (I hate it but they won't change/ At least it's not on a domain that way).

They have asked me to come in and create a simple backup routine backing up data from "server" to another workstation.  But doesn;t a scheduled backup routine require a password?  Or perhaps better phrased, doesn't a no password account create a problem?

If I just create another, passworded account on the box where I am scheduling the program and run under that account, even if logged on as unpassworded administrator . . . .would that solve the problem?
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So they would like to create an extremely advanced way of backuping i see... ;) I would say, just create a mapping on one machine to the other machine, then use ntbackup to create a backup from the mapping you created, this is by far the easiest way.. You don't need extra accounts, they can allready access eachothers pc by using the admin account (even if a pasword is not set, they just have to be the same on both computers)

And if they have a dime to spare, let them buy a tape unit (or dvd burner) to get the data on a safe and stored media... If they ever get a crash or delete data by accident, they will love you for gettig their data back.. ;)
MixmangleAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  I thought I remember reading somewhere that scheduled backup has problems when it's associated with an account that does not have a password. but you are saying that if all machines are administrator with no passwords, then wherever I initiate the ntbackup can likewise be on an administrator account without a password?

MixmangleAuthor Commented:

My question was W2K Prow (win 2000 Pro) but my initial comment refers to XP Pro.  It is NOT an XP Pro workgroup but a W2K Pro workgroup.  Sorry about the confusion
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mcsweenSr. Network AdministratorCommented:
I think a blank Admin password on a XP box will disallow remote access through shares.  You can easily test it though.  Just go on the server and try to access \\SomeClient\C$

If it comes up then you are good to go with ntbackup, otherwise you will have to create another admin account on the source and target machines to run your backup.
MixmangleAuthor Commented:
Access is not a problem.  These are all W2K Pro machines and they all access each other with admin only accounts.  My question is not related to access as much as it is with using an account without a password to run backup
mcsweenSr. Network AdministratorCommented:
If you can access you will not have an issue running backup with no password.  The only issues I know of are accessing an XP box with a blank admin password.

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