Reading CSV file with ODBC Text Driver and Retain Field Format

I am using the MS ODBC text driver to read a CSV file.  My logic is fairly dynaminc in that I do not know the number of fields or their format before-hand.  I would like to read the fields in as text fields so the formatting in the csv file is retained.  My problem is that I have a field that is being interpreted as a numeric field and the leading zeroes are being dropped.  For example, '0403100' is being read in as '403100'.   Again, I don't know which field in the table this will be.  I simply want to read the field in as a text field retaining all formatting in the file.  I can not save the CSV file with quotes around the fields either.  Any ideas?
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Anthony PerkinsCommented:
If you do not know the format ahead of time, consider opening the file as a standard text file and looping through all the rows.  You can then use the Split funciton to get all the values.
You will need to create a schema.ini file and specify column data type as text.

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