veritas 9.0 test run error

When i do a full backup that is scheduled weekly i get a failed result. The last failed result came up with this error:

Storage device "DW-Weekly" reported an error on a request to write data to media.

Error reported:
The semaphore timeout period has expired.

Now this error came up after about 5 backup files had already been written.

Since that backup job only runs weekly,  i have attempting to fix this and running test runs. With the test run i get this error:

Job started     :
Thursday, April 06, 2006 9:37:56
AMJob ended       :
Thursday, April 06, 2006 9:38:27
AMFinal error code: a0008703 HEX
Final error description: Job failed running its test run. See logfile for details.
Final error category: Job Errors
Completed status: Failed
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Have you checked the log files like it says above? Can you try finding out if it fails when backing up a certain file? if so exclude that file from the backup.
haddad05Author Commented:
The test run also gives this -

Online media check   : Insufficient online or nearline media is available to start job.Overwrite media check: There is no media online or nearline that can be overwritten or the job has been marked append/terminate.Media check status   : Failed

-"Have you checked the log files like it says above? Can you try finding out if it fails when backing up a certain file? if so exclude that file from the backup"
                   -its a test run so there is no specific file that i can check if its causing problems
Have you tried using a new tape?
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haddad05Author Commented:
Im doing a backup to disk, no tape.
Sorry, didn't know. How much space is left on the disk? What happens if you first delete some old backups on it?
haddad05Author Commented:
ive tried that with no luck
Have you made sure all the latest veritas servicepacks and updates are installed?
haddad05Author Commented:
There could be too much activity on the disk your backing up. check the following link:

haddad05Author Commented:
Ok i gave that article a try...first solution didnt work...second solution about changing the quiet time on Advanced open file wizard i ran into an issue. After i select the wizard i want to open and select the server and type in my credentials, i hit next and it tells me "The Advanced open file option does not appear to be installed correctly on 'server'"??
You'd probably have to reinstall BE in that case.
haddad05Author Commented:
Ok i reintalled BE and still i am getting the same errors!
>Online media check   : Insufficient online or nearline media is available to start

Common problem with test run, I just ignore it and the real backup normally runs fine. Guaranteed to fail using a pool of B2D volumes, stupid test run doesn't know which disk to pretend to backup to.

AOFO problem is probably because after pushing out the AOFO onto the client computer you haven't rebooted it.
This could slove your problem
haddad05Author Commented:
I come into work this morning and for the first time my daily backup job is acting up. It currently says under job status, "loading media". now this has never happened before and usually a daily backup take about 10-15 minutes. This job has been running for over 10 hours.
Stop the job, restart the backup services, then in the BE manager delete the media group. after that you can create it again.
haddad05Author Commented:
ok rindi that solved that problem but it created the file too large, over 6gb even though its set to only write 4gb files. i need to write this to a dvd and i wont be able to given this size of the file.
haddad05Author Commented:
Also i have come across Novabackup software here on my server from a previous administrator. Now i dont know much about the differences between veritas and Novabackup but veritas has given me nothing but problems since i took over administering this network. Would it be a bad idea to backup my server with Novabackup or should i try to stick with veritas? I know veritas creates .bkf files and novabackup creates .qix files. Is there any significance in that in regards to restoring data?
Is your backup folder on a disk that is part of a RAID array that undergoes a verify or rebuild operation frequently?
haddad05Author Commented:
No, well i dont think so?
In the newly created media group go to properties and verify it is set to 4GB (I'd lower it to 1GB). Then make sure no other media groups exist that point to the same HD, otherwise BE might be using that other group which isn't set to split the size down.
haddad05Author Commented:
Once again every backup job hangs on "loading media" that supposed to happen when doing a backup to disk?
Not if everything is new and virgin. It can happen if there are backup media set that have been used and are marked to be archived (not overwrite, or haven't reached the date when overwrite is allowed).

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