TAS Books Fails to run as an ordinary user (non Administrative rights)

Windows 2003 SBS Domain
25 Client PCs running Windows XP Pro
several PCs need to run TAS Books
Installed TAS Books as the Domain Administrator
Run TAS as the Domain Administrator and all is well
User logs in as an ordinary user and TAS will not start
The exact error is:

"System Maintenance in Progress
The company you have selected is currently being used by a system maintenance utility. It is not therefore possible to use the company at this time.
Please try again later or contact you system administrator for further assistance."

I suspect the message is bogus and really means XP is denying access of some kind.  If I add domain users to local administrators TAS starts successfully thus proving that the problem is not a domain access problem but one on the PC.

In short does anyone know of a way of auditing an applications access to local resources such as writing to files or directories and registry access?  If I can audit the application I can change the writes and permissions for the local users group and TAS would start.  This will also then help me (and others) to run more software as ordinary user access and improve security.

I know about runas but strictly this is a workaround and not very friendly for the users.  Plus I dont think it works with TAS.

Many thanks in advance for any help.
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First of, run secpol.msc.
Under Local Policies|Audit Policy, open up Audit object access, and enable it for Failure.
Then in explorer, right click whatever folders (can do the whole drive if you want) and hit properties.
On the Security Tab, hit Advanced.
Then on the Auditing Tab, hit Add and choose the users (either pick a specific user, or use the local Users group). Place a check under Failed - Full Control then hit OK. Make sure the check for "Replace auditing entries on all child...." is checked, then hit ok again.

Next go to Regedit.
Right-click on whichever keys (most likely the main one you'd need is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE, but might need others as well) and hit Permissions.
From there it's about the same as in Explorer, set up failure auditing for the users you want, make sure "Replace auditing entries...." is checked etc.

After thos are done, log in as the user you chose (or any non-admin if you used the Users group) and try running TAS.
Log back on as an admin, and look in the Security log of event viewer. Look through the failure audit messages to see what TAS tried to access that it couldn't.
Change permissions as needed.
You might have to keep repeating this, as each time you open permissions, TAS might get farther along and run into something else it can't access. Eventually you should be able to find it all.

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competentAuthor Commented:
Looks good.  I'll give it a go and tell you the results later today.
competentAuthor Commented:
This answer worked a treat.  Sorry forgot to update with this informaion.
Had same issue but the root cause was an expired pervasive sql license. 2v6 initially installs witha temporary key but if you also install later versions you will need a permanent license which we got from support
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