Windows 2000 Terminal Server - Clinet side printing issue.


I am using Windows 2000 server and Terminal Server in Application mode.
I have created 10 Users and these users  are located at Remote site and using windows XP & Windows 2000 Professional with Microsoft Terminal service cline software to connect the Terminal Server.

Users are able to connect the server and accessing the application. this is working fine.

My Issue is, How to map the Terminal server to client side printer.

All the users are connecting TSserver using VSAT Link and every thinks working fine.

If any printing job will be there, Then These remote clinets are not able to connect or Find their Local (Clinet side )printer.
Even I tried to map the Client Printer buy giving client IP and printer name. It is not working.
Even TS is not able to see Clinet system local printer.

Please let me know, Is there any way to Print on Client local printer.


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Youv just asked the million dollar question... ;) Printing on a terminal server is somewhat messy (has always been like this) especially if you don't have e third party tool like ThinPrint or are using Citrix..

Basic principle is that you would have to set your terminal client (use the one that is added within the XP OS) to connect it's local printers.
1. Go to run and type in mstsc
2. Click on options
3. Go to the Local Resources tab
4. Enable the printer option in the Local Resources section.

This way the client will be able to connect to the TS.

Second, you will need to add all drivers of the printers that the home users are using (and here is were it get's icky...)
If you have a bit of cache to spare and don't think of going Citrix, do yourself a favour and buy a product like ThinPrint.. And all your printing problems will be solved...
here is my list of terminal server and citrix printer references

Many citrix people still have printing problems and many purchase screwdrivers from tricerat.

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