Error 0x800CCC79 when connecting to email server.

I keep receiving this email error when trying to connect to my personal email. 0x800CCC79

To fix this problem:

Open Outlook Express, and click Tools
Then click on Accounts
Then click on your email connection and click Properties
Then click Advanced
On this screen remove the checks from the boxes This server requires a secure connection for both Outgoing mail (SMTP) and Incoming mail (POP3).
Make sure 'this server requires authentication' is checked

I followed this advice and it still does not work. The error states the message could not be sent because one of the recipients was rejected by the server. The rejected email address was <XXXXXXX>. Subject 'xxxxxxxxxx' Account Server ''. Protocol SMTP.Server Response: '550, Error Number 0x800CCC79

Have tried to send to yahoo, gmail and work account it does not work. Sending to bellsouth recipient worked.......HELP
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Greetings, ncagroup !

1. The setting for authentication is on Server tab, not in Advanced tab.  Outgoing server authentication may be required. Check with Bellsouth. Make sure the settings are correct.

2. The error message states that address is bad.  Make sure there is no empty space and strange character like "/" in the address.  Try sending via another address.

3. Register an important send/receive library file.  Go to Start > Run and type regsvr32 inetcomm.dll

4. Check if antivirus email check is slowing sending and receiving.  Disable it.

5. In the account settings, Advanced settings, change the server timeout time from 1 min to 5 min

6. Your ISP may be blocking port 25. Try using alternate port 587.

7.  Check with Bellsouth Tech Support to determine if server is having trouble.

8. See this troubleshooter for not sending

Best wishes!
ncagroupAuthor Commented:
ok here we go...
1. Things are correct
2. Checked addresses and they are all correct
3. Registered email send/receive library file
4. Disabled and removed McAfee Security Center
5. Changed timeout time
6. ***Do I change this in the SSL section and check this box???*****
7. Bellsouth says all is ok
8. Looked at site
>> 6. ***Do I change this in the SSL section and check this box???*****
>> 7. Bellsouth says all is ok

6.  In the Advanced tab, change SMTP port to 587.  Leave the SSL box unchecked.  I assume what is there before is no SSL and SMTP port 25.  if not, you should do that first.

7. Ask for a Tier 1 Support Tech at BellSouth.  Some of the workers do not know what is the server status.

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Thanks, war1
ncagroupAuthor Commented:
Sorry, the user who had this issue left and is not expected to return for a while. Until he returns, I do not have the computer.
ncagroup, keep us updated.
ncagroupAuthor Commented:
okeee dokeee
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