What kind of Hub to use with Surfcontrol

Monitoring Internet usage on my network with SurfControl (great product, by the way, for anyone who's looking for granular web monitoring capabiltiy).

Per SurfControl, in order to get it to correctly monitor your network, you have to plug the SurfControl server into the same hub as your firewall and the rest of your LAN.

Had to call them to get this straight cause I originally had it plugged into a 3Com switch and it was only monitoring the traffic on the server itself, not the rest of the LAN;  evidently, due to the fact that it must be either plugged into a switch with port-spanning or a plain old hub (so I would take it that the 3Com wasn't spanning).

Which brings me to my question, I did have a rattly old BayNetworks 10Mb hub laying around that I'm using.  That got the SurfControl to monitor the entire network but I'm concerned about a bottleneck with this hub.

So far, no user complaints, but I'm wondering if I should upgrade, and to what; a 100 hub?

Thoughts and opinions would be much appreciated.
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If you have to go with a hub you will want to go with a 100MB one and you will want to plug only the firewall and the server into this hub then link it to the 3com. Reason being whatever you plug into a hub is in the same collision domain. If your 3com switch is managable you can use port spanning to have all traffic on the switch pass through this port for monitoring purposes. You can do this for the port the server and the port the firewall are plugged into and it will work just fine. This is what we are doing now with Websense.

Best of luck,

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sounds like you answered your own question. if your not at gigabit - the 10/100 is a good idea. any hub/switch that doesnt have 'smart' programming, or if it does- must have port spanning. as far as bottleneck. you really have to know your bandwidth on your network to determine if it will help..( the 10mb hub could be considered fine on some networks)... that part depends....

mbath20110Author Commented:
Thanks Mitch (I'm a Mitch too).

Both yours Craig's responses were helpful but since you checked in first, I'll award you the points.

Have no experience with Port Spanning.  Is it worth trying to implement or should I just get 100Mb Hub?
haha cool you are the third mitch ive ever come across! If your switch is managable ( you can access and configure it via console/telnet/http) it is worth it. If not a 100MB hub will work just fine.

Best regards!
mbath20110Author Commented:
Thanks Mitch.
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