generating pdf in .net or java with full html support

  How can I generate pdf in .net using express edition
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Yeah, but you will need a little additional help for that:
> Pdfizer:
Another open source gem.
Couple of choicese: - if you want to opt for using ms word in the background. Assuming that you dont, - you can use Active PDF COM component to do the conversion. and if you really prefer to take it head on - google for xpdf or kpdf.c those are open source pdf readers that you can:
a) convert to C#
b) export functions out of and marshal from C#;
Personally I'd go latter route.

iText.NET -
Java version and a .NET version - I've used it in several projects, works without too much pain :)
And free.
prgeorge3383Author Commented:
does itext support html to pdf convertion
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